Pistol Exercises

I’ve broken down the technical training section to highlight various exercises. These exercises should be used one at a time for a specific training session. That is to say, depending upon the shooter’s individual training needs, take one and perform it (possibly in conjunction with another, at most.) Don’t take 3 or more and have a session that incorporates them all. Training relies upon specificity: focus on one aspect of shooting and improve that area. By doing too much at one time, you dilute its value.

Similarly, you should repeat the chosen exercise more than once. If you do something once a month, it doesn’t make much of an impact on you. To get the most of an exercise, do it 3-5 times within a short period of time, perhaps a week. If you then choose to repeat the task the following week, or perform another task which builds on that exercise, all the better. You’re reinforcing what you performed and imprinting the new technique.

The exercises are as follows: