Adopting a Natural Pistol Position

Once you’re in your stance, you need to know how to adopt your position. That is to say, you need to learn how to put yourself in front of a target and naturally point at it. Once again, consistency and comfort is the rule, so you can do this again and again over the course of many long shooting sessions.

Follow these instructions to adopt your position:

  1. You should be turned about 45 to 90 degrees to the target.
  2. Close your eyes, raise your shooting hand and point with your index finger. Don’t think about trying to point at the target: just focus on finding the position that feels comfortable. This is the natural point of aim and you need to find it sub-consciously (hence: don’t think about the target.)
  3. With your eyes closed, comfortably turn your head toward your shooting hand and open your eyes. Ideally, your eyes and hand would align with the centre of the target.
  4. If you are pointing elsewhere, move your rear foot in the direction of the error. (For instance, if I was pointing to the left of the target, then I would move my rear foot to the left, which in turn rotates my point of aim to the right.)
  5. Once on target, repeat the process to ensure that your natural point of aim is truly on target, and adjust as necessary.
  6. Finally, place your pistol in your hand and test that after the raise that the sights are on target. Adjust as needed. Remember not to lower your head during the raise: find your sights by lowering your eyes.