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Re: Pistol shooting problem - healing

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Posted by Patrick ( on September 02, 2012 at 14:39:07:

In Reply to: Pistol shooting problem - healing posted by GordB on September 02, 2012 at 14:02:53:

Hi Gord.

Quick question: is this with all pistols, or only with pistols that have recoil?

Most problems like heeling, jerking, snatching, etc., can be solved through successfully isolating the movement of the trigger finger.

Our hands are made to grasp, moving our fingers in unison to encircle an object. In activating the trigger, we need to overcome our anatomical design and only move the trigger finger.

Heeling isn't strictly an isolation issue; but, exercises to resolve it should assist your heeling problem. (In part, the problem may be that your attention is focused on the mechanics of the release and you are actively performing the motor program, making it jerky.)

I'd suggest dry firing, putting your efforts into only moving your finger directly rearward, with no increases in muscle tension throughout the digits, grip, wrist, forearm or shoulder. If muscle tension doesn't change during the shot release, then your groups will return to centre.

Hope that helps.

PS: If the problem only occurs in rimfire and centrefire, but not air, then you make be tightening up, anticipating recoil, prior to shot release. Relax! It isn't that bad. Work with dryfiring or low recoil pistols, as well as work with a coach/peer to run Ball and Dummy exercises.

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