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Ban on Firearms Again!?!

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Posted by Daniel Kott ( on July 18, 2012 at 09:23:05:

In the wake of the terrible shootings in Northern Toronto, my prayers go out to the family and friends of those that died or were hurt. There is absolutely no excuse for what has happened and I can only hope and pray that those responsible are caught and brought to justice!!!

Unfortunately, in the wake of this tragedy, the cry is going out to “ban firearms”. Some want all firearms banned and others think that handguns would only be a good start. This is the sad bit – and there are lowlifes out there that are willing to use this tragedy for personal either financial or even worst personal political gains…

If my memory does not fail me, it was just this sort of instance that sparked current firearms legislation and the costly backlash and it sounds like our Governments has spend billions policing and enforcing the firearms act and related legislation and anti’s are still calling for more! More of what???

I am praying that the Canadian voter is smart enough to see through the smoking mirrors of what we are hearing. Understand that a ban on legal firearms is not the answer. It would be a very expensive piece of ineffective legislation that would simply divide the rural from the urban vote or the legal shooting public from the non-shooting public and the only ones that would profit are those using firearms as illegal weapons. Encourage, no demand, that your politician see that the policing efforts and the justice system put anyone using a weapon in an illegal manner are swiftly brought to justice!!!

Our police officers, at least here in Ontario, are among the most hard working and the very best in the world and yet I can only wonder how many feel that the justice system are not supporting their efforts?!?

We hunt through out Ontario and trap here in the north yet can count on one hand, the number of times asked to produce my firearms license. Hunting license, fishing license and trapping license yet never, except for the one time, my firearms license and this lack of enforcement is wrong!!!

So, you elected folks, before you start soap boxing for more costly legislation, beat the drum for better trained and directed enforcement supported by a fair and effective judicial system…

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