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Posted by FITZ ( on June 16, 2012 at 14:45:49:

Hi fellow shooters. I have read every comment. I will break this done into elements
PROVICINALS: Crumlin hosted the Provincials for about 8-yrs and I dedicated 4 days of my life each year to ensure they went off well with the help of club members. Numbers continue to drop. I wasn’t able to devote that weekend this year and other members had commitments as well. I had comments from many shooters from several clubs. Bad weekend, too long, too early, fees too high, etc. So take your pick.
Bullseye Shooting: I sent an email to 105 shooters that I had their e-address with some questions. I should have been discouraged…only 16 replies in over a week—I was encouraged by those responses. But 90 haven’t said anything. The sport is dying because most people want somebody else to organize everything. Then they may show up. I suggest that the sport is dying due to lack of true interest of the shooters not any particular shooting organization.
Fortunately there are a few individuals that still want to build the sport and I am in contact with them. Ian of Burlington has stepped up. He is developing a website to host our events. Now we need to know when the events are. We need to know who is interested in the sport. We need matches and events. So start hosting them. You want bullseye shooting, start having matches and get them advertized. If you or your club can’t host them, then get connected to the group for updates.
Handgun 2012: Again Ian stepped up, contacted CSSA and it looks like October for Provincials in Burlington…. Stay tuned on details.
Shooting Organizations: I hear negative stuff about them all. I guess it comes down to communicating to them what you want. What do you want in an organization? Write down the elements you want. I see a lot of rocks thrown on the forum, but are the Orgs listening? Send you “letters” not emails, to CSSA Board of Directors. They need the message. Ask for a response and share that.

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