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Posted by Edmond ( on June 14, 2012 at 14:42:58:

In Reply to: Re: handgun 2012 posted by Helen on June 03, 2012 at 19:32:47:

: Yes, it's all been said before - many times.
: However the CSSA's mandate is to support sport shooters, & when they refuse to respond to ANY questions they fail badly. Their mandate is not just politics. It is much wider than that, & they seem to have forgotten or "lost" that point. It is part of their mandate to host, aid & assist a provincial championship. The clubs got that - before. Yes, the clubs did a lot of work, but they always had the CSSA there to back them up.
: The CSSA is not supporting their members anymore . They are focused on politics only, & I for one am getting tired of all their e-blasts. They read like the rantings of a self-absorbed, all-important, one-sighted person.
: The provincial's are the big issue, at the moment & it is a disgrace that since March, when they were told that Crumlin could no longer host them, that they have done nothing, contacted no-one to facilitate this event.
: If they think activity is down now, just wait. They are losing the good will of their members very quickly.
: In the past, I have done & spoken about my great support for the CSSA, so to come to these feelings & disappointments breaks my heart.
: They need to get off their political bandwagon, & get back down on the ground with the shooters that pay their membership dues.

Well speaking from an outside perspective, that is from the wet coast, my impression is the CSSA is a national organization. That is the impression I received when I heard about them, and from what I read on their website. They solicit membership and donations nationally. The CSSA seems to represent all Canadian shooters. From the casual plinker, the formal target shooters (us), to action shooters. As a member, I expect them to represent me when it comes to firearm laws and regulations; a national issue. I am happy to have them politically active, as they seem to be the most effective national organization in that regard. I'm not sure if you're receiving the same email bulletins I receive. At the bottom of the bulletins I receive, there is an option to unsubscribe from the distribution list if you don't want to receive them anymore.

We have a provincial shooting organization, but until recently they have pretty much not done anything for the shooters. We now have some funding for the provincial team, uniforms, and training camps. This was due to a lot of hard work by a few individuals. I have to agree with Patrick. If you want an effective local organization to represent you, you'll need people who will step up and make it happen. Either get into the CSSA and make some changes to have a section that will be dedicated to representing you, or start a new organization.

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