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Posted by Patrick ( on May 27, 2012 at 02:33:06:

In Reply to: Re: handgun 2012 posted by Helen on May 26, 2012 at 21:21:52:

: That's not fair. You make it sound like it is Crumlin's fault that there isn't going to be an Outdoor Pistol Championships.
: Crumlin has done everything to try to keep something going. They made other suggestions, they volunteered to host it on a shorter weekend, they told the CSSA in March - not at the last minute. Crumlin has hosted the Provincial Championships for a very long time - more years than any other club. They get burned out, & when the participation is poor, as it was last year, they actually lost money.
: They have gotten no response or had no conversation with the CSSA - because the CSSA has done nothing to try to work things out.
: The new focus of the CSSA seems to be only political, & is certainly not directed at actual shooting sports/participants.
: Even though I am somewhat out of the loop, these days, I am getting people contacting me, asking what is going on with the CSSA, because they can't get answers or responses for the simplest of questions.
: Let's make sure everyone doesn't think that this is all Crumlin's fault. It's not.

Hi Helen.

I'm not blaming Crumlin. The club members decided not to host it, as is their perogative. They have hosted the Provincials for many years running, officiating and managing the event beautifully.

One of the issues that came up is that the staff was growing tired of repeatedly losing their long weekend, and I can't blame them. I think that they also felt that they weren't getting support from people from other clubs. Being on the outside, I can see their point, but don't know all the details. Know that I am not blaming Crumlin for the provincials not being run. I just stated a simple fact that they chose not to host them.

As for the CSSA, I think that losing Larry Whitmore as Executive Director has been a significant problem. He was one voice that spoke with authority and commitment about the shooting sports. I don't think that the CSSA has someone able to fill those shoes.

There are problems at the CSSA. I hope that they can be resolved. There is a void waiting to be filled.


PS: There is a rumour that without holding "provincials" that the sport will have an impact to it's funding. That is incorrect. There have been several Indoor provincial matches this year, in both rifle and pistol. We have provincial champions.

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