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TSC 10th Anniversary - July 2011

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Posted by Patrick ( on May 28, 2011 at 14:13:22:

Much to my surprise, I recently noticed that on July 15th, 2011, TargetShooting Canada will have been online for 10 years. I am both surprised and happy about this.

The traffic here is pretty good. For instance in Feb. 2011, there were over 178,000 hits. There were over 25,000 visits in that month, as well.

As a content provider, I regularly see downloads ranging from 800mb - 1.4gb of data PER DAY. That alone is tremendous.

At times, I forget why people come here. I built it so that people without coaching resources could look at one way of learning about Olympic-style international shooting. While I built it for Canadians, I see a lot of traffic being generated from the USA, Russia, Italy, Germany and elsewhere. Like our sport, TargetShooting Canada has a strong international flair.

Back to the 10th Anniversary. I launched with a small amount of content before I headed off to the Canadian Nationals. I remember going to an internet cafe and checking out my web stats. When the numbers started to rise, I was estactic.

The site has been sitting pretty much as is since the first anniversary. I started coaching more actively, first with Avianna, then with the provincial and national teams. Now, I'm the
coach for the military's pistol team (hugely rewarding, btw). I'm also working with Ontario Modern Pentathlon and really enjoying that crowd. That being said, what got me further into coaching, has been somewhat neglected over the years.

I'd like to make some changes. What? I don't know. Some content needs to be updated and/or modified. I could probably triple the online content with what I've produced for seminars and such; but, not just yet.

Sidenote: I was speaking with an Aussie coach while at the Munich World Cup. I introduced myself and he said "You're that guy from Canada? Nice site, but I don't know why you're giving it all away?" I don't think that I'm an idiot. I'd like to see more people enjoy the sport. Who knows? Maybe I'll package up all my stuff and publish a booklet on pistol shooting? Until then, we have this site.

Ok, back to the anniversary and updates. Is there any content that you'd like to see added? Changed? Expanded? I've asked this before and got lacklustre response. If enough people respond, I'll work on it. Two or three comments means everybody is happy and I don't need to make updates. Either way, I win.

Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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