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storage of powder and primers

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Posted by Darryl Slywchuk ( on August 04, 2010 at 23:49:11:

From Legal Info for Reloaders page - Is this right???
"If you keep your gun powder at home then you must keep it in a suitable container, away from other inflammable substances such as paint, thinner, lighter fluids, other ammunition and it can be removed if there is a fire. The container shall not be of steel for iron, it must be kept locked except when being accessed, ONLY GUN POWDER AND PRIMERS ARE TO BE KEPT IN IT." (Emphasis added)

Under the Explosives Regs., are not primers in Ammunition Class Division 3 ("...containing its own means of ignition....percussion primers")? If so, they must, under s. 141 be kept separate from powder?
Or do primers fall under 'percussion caps' s. 13(6)(c), in which case they CAN be stored together.
IMHO since primers contain their own means of ignition (“Ammunition containing its own means of ignition” means ammunition that has an arrangement, whether attached to it or forming part of it, that is adapted to explode or fire the same by friction or percussion.") S.13(9), they cannot legally be stored with powder, but must be kept separately in a similarly constructed "suitable container", ie. wood box, etc.

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