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Re: I didn't report it no, I'm brand new to this...

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Posted by Mark B. ( on March 16, 2010 at 11:38:53:

In Reply to: Re: I didn't report it no, I'm brand new to this... posted by Helen on February 21, 2010 at 20:04:23:

Helen - thanks for your well-considered responses here. I'd like to expand on the comments you've made below, if only to ensure we're all aware of the other elements of the ISSF-mandated lighting requirements....

There are three lighting intensity requirements, on the target, at the firing point, and mid-range. The organizers can't change mid-range or firing point lighting very easily, if at all, so as has been pointed out, what we get is what we get, and it's all relatively uniform so we all get pretty much the same thing.

A few years ago the ISSF changed the lighting standards, doubling them so as to provide better lighting (likely for better TV camera performance - that's just my own personal prejudice showing through). The CAGP organizers tried to comply with the new requirements but since they could only increase the lighting on the target we ended up with double the ratio of light-on-target versus light-on-sights. The net result was almost unshootable conditions - I had tears streaming down my face from the eye fatigue it caused. Since then the CAGP organizers have done their best to try to respect the overall intent of the 3-point lighting measurements, and that intent is to establish a ratio between light on the target versus light on the sights. Since they can't vary the ballroom lighting the on-target lighting has been somewhat reduced to get us back closer to the proper ratio.

It's an imperfect situation but the organizers are doing their very best to make a great shooting experience for us. Heck, where else do you get to shoot on a lovely carpet under a chandelier? ;-)

: It can be OK to rock the boat - gently. No hissy fits, but politely & with care. There's no ogres there.:^) The lighting is actually tested at the target. So it's the light that hangs right over each target that needs to meet standards. The neck of the lamp is adjustable, so the tech. crew can adjust them, if necessary. The overall ambient lighting has always been a problem in those big halls, even before it was in Toronto.
: I hope your experience was a good one, because so many people work very hard to make it so. Make sure you return next year & become part of the CAGGP "family". In my retirement from shooting, it's one of events I truly miss. Mind you, my 3 months of winter spent in Florida kinda makes up for it!

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