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Possibly impertinent, definitely long-winded forum software-related question for Patrick

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Posted by KOC ( on March 03, 2010 at 21:56:38:

These are excerpt from the README file for your forum software:

$quote_text = 1;
By keeping this option set to 1, the previous message will be quoted in the followup text input box. The quoted text will have a ':' placed in front of it so you can distinguish what had been said in the previous posts from what the current poster is trying to get across. Setting this option to '0' will leave the followup text box empty for the new poster.

$subject_line = 0;
There are three options for the way that you can display the subject line for the user posting a followup. Leaving this option at '0' which is the default value, will put the previous subject line into the followup form and allow users to edit the subject however they like. Setting this option to '1', however, will quote the subject, but simply display it to the user, not allowing him or her to edit the subject line. The third and final option can be achieved by setting the $subject_line variable to '2'. If it is set to '2' the subject will not be quoted and instead the user will be prompted with an empty subject block in their followup subject line.

The Impertinent Question: Have you ever considered flipping those switches to "0" and "2", repectively?

Reasons I ask:

1) I drop in here once in a while because I'm hoping to spot references to sellers of weird little bullseye-related things like Fiocchi match .22 ammo, used FAS pistols, and optical scoring gauges. This platform doesn't appear to have a search feature. I frankly have better luck finding those posts here via google. However, forcing the first few words of every reply to hint at the *content* of the reply can only enhance the ease of use of your forum as a reference.

2) The opacity of some of the more heavily-replied threads is, to me, almost aesthetically stunning. Look at the "Eastern Nationals" thread, for example; one of the more pertinent threads in recent memory (for me, anyway; I'm in Quebec), yet I only realised I needed to read it because someone at my pistol club mentioned the controversy. And when I did dig into it, the auto-quoted replies made it less than easy to follow the script.

By way of belated introduction, I'm an off-and-on NRA bullseye & Standard Pistol shooter with an unhealthy penchant toward analysing patterns and shapes of communication on the internet and a heart of gold. I sincerely hope you won't feel I've wasted your bandwidth with this post. Just musing about optimising the resource you've given us, here. (We have so few of them.)

And thank you, for that, by the way.

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