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Posted by Don in Oregon ( on January 22, 2010 at 10:42:23:

In Reply to: shooting with video posted by john robinson on January 22, 2010 at 08:58:14:

: Howdy,
: One of the things I've done is wire my range with a video camera and a cheap monitor, this gives me instant viewing of my shots, the monitor is on the right side of my shooting table, and is visible after my shot is fired and I lower my gunhand. What I've found is this: when the camera is turned on, and I shoot my target (air pistol, baikal izh46m,10 shots per target, with the target stuck on plumbers caulk, which helps me verify every shot by seeing exactly where the pellet hit, including doubles/triples) my scores go down to 85-89, but when I turn off the camera, the scores go up to 90-95, and I can play with that, shooting only 5 shots, turn camera on or off, the scores go down or up depending. so my question is this: why does this happen? am I not holding after the shot when the video is on, hurrying to see what the shot scored?
: I'm a newcomer to this sport, I have shot roughly 6K pellets in the last 3 months, so am learning, and thinking about, what I'm doing, am shooting 540 the least several days, after a miserable fight to score 500~ the weeks before.. so any help is appreciated.
: thanks.

I think you may be trying to hard to make the hold and shot, etc too perfect so that it looks good on video. You are also probably thinking about the video, even though you may think you are not. If you want to use the video to review to make small changes in technique, that is okay, but you will have to convince yourself to ignore it when it is on. This comes with time, but work on that facet of the training more for awhile. Hope this helps. Don

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