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Posted by George (California, USA) ( on December 16, 2009 at 12:31:18:

In Reply to: BIG MISTAKE. posted by stupid guy on December 15, 2009 at 00:33:31:

If the pictures are not time stamped, your police would have no way of proving they were taken before or after the enactment of your Canadian gun laws. Also, it is possible to merge two photos into one, so they would have to prove this hadn't been done. Get a lawyer to represent you.

BTW: When I entered Canada on vacation last year I was amazed at how poorly trained was their border guards. They thoroughly searched my car when I declared there had been a gun in my car in the past seven days. Nobody bothered to search me or to ask if I was a police officer.

If this is what you must put up with on a daily basis, my heart goes out to you. Here in the USA we try to catch criminals...not guns.

: Long story short. A friend of mine was bugging me to take pictures with a few of my handguns which I eventually gave in to. Now the bad part. Somehow the pictures ended up in the the hands of the police. The were not posted but via another route. I admitted that the hand guns were mine, and answered a few questions over the phone. Now the real bad part. Those pictures were taken at a location that is not covered under my att. What should I do, and wha could the police do at this point. It has been almost a week since I spoke to them and I am curious to know what I should expect. Any advice would be helpful. All I can say is that my friend has got an earful from me each and every day since then.

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