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Re: When does Wal*Mart and Canadian Tire have ammo sales?

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Posted by Eric ( on September 26, 2009 at 11:12:50:

In Reply to: When does Wal*Mart and Canadian Tire have ammo sales? posted by Sidney on September 16, 2009 at 09:00:43:

: Anyone know?, thanks.

: Sidney
: Dartmouth,Nova Scotia

Do not ever buy any ammo from CT. A while ago the CT near my house had a sale in .22 cal/750 qty of Federal hollowpoints. It was about $3 less than I normally pay for it.

First thing after getting it for you is that they ask to see your firearms license. Not a problem as I sometimes buy ammo at local gun shows and the vendors there also ask to see it. So I show the clerk my license ( it's a posession only ), he tells me that I cannot purchase the ammo because I need a Posession & Aquisition to buy it

The manager comes over and sets him straight. So then he writes my name, license # and expirary date in a book that he got from under the counter. While he is doing that I notice that I can read the names of the last three people who purchased ammo there. So I ask him how many people have access to this book and if it is kept locked up. He says it's not locked up and any employee working in that area has access to it. I remark to him that any customer in the area also can see it and tell him to call the manager back over.
He comes and I question him about this and also ask him if the employees with access to this info have undergone criminal background checks. He says no and at that point I tell him I don't want to conclude my purchase and to blacken out my name from the book.
I guess questioning him about the background checks got him a little miffed because he suggested to me that I was being paranoid, said he was busy and walked away. The clerk put the ammo back and also dissappeared, leaving the book laying on the counter. I waited for a few minutes till some one else asked me if I needed any help. I told them what happened and asked them to blacken out my info. The manager was called back, I again requested that my info be blackened out. He told me that If I didn't leave the store right now that he would call security. I told him if he did I would call the police. He called security, I called the police and forty five minutes later I finally had my name blacked out of the book,and an apology from the store manager!

I'm not saying all CT's or even Wal-Mart operate this way regarding the recording of info but given the fact that the RCMP gave out our info to a polling firm make sure that CT or Wal-Mart isn't careless with this stuff.

Bottom line is that only buy from someone you trust!!

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