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Posted by Asmir ( on June 15, 2009 at 13:06:48:

OK, I usually do not rant on boards like this, as I believe that there is always a reasonable explanation for things, but this is just too much.
It all began back in December when I took team rifles for testing to Lapua in Germany. I had also pre-arranged with Walther to send 2 actions to Lapua to be tested so I could choose an action and matching ammo. The testing went quite well. I had found some ammo and picked out my action. So far so good.
Ammo part went smoothly. The Canadian importer was very helpful and we had all of our ammo delivered to us. You connect the dots who the importer is.
In the meanwhile I had been in contact with one of the importers for Walther and started the process made the payment and all was good..until.
Well the process started back in February, the order was made in March and payment made in April.
Next thing is I get the email the the package was returned to Walther without explanation.
So I tried to arrange for the action to be picked up in Munich by one of the fellow shooters. I had all the paper work, all he would had to do is pay for duty and taxes. However, Walther refused to give out the action as it contradicted the German laws. OK, so no argument there, law is law, but why give false information and go through all the motions. The next thing was, Walther is sending the action to me by mail as originally planned. Keep in mind that this is already in mid May. Many weeks go by and I receive my action, or what I thought was my action today. Big box, with Walther case extra tools and other goodies, it is great right. Wrong. Being me, I took a quick look at the serial number and to my horror, what do I see? They had sent me the wrong action...
So now I am sitting with loads of very expensive ammo matched to a different gun(which is probably sold to someone else already) and brand spanking new action that I did not order and registration on a wrong gun.
Needless to say I am not very impressed by Walther service. The rifle(s) I owned worked well for me and I think are very well made, but the Walther service is something to be desired.
P.S. While typing this...
The registration issue should be fixed, called the RCMP and they should be sending me a new registration certificate soon.

Thanks for reading
Yours in shooting

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