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Act. before weekend is over: London Ontario Proposed Handgun Ban

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Posted by Patrick ( on February 13, 2009 at 02:57:49:

London Ontario Proposed Handgun Ban

Friends & Members of Crumlin Sportsmenís Association:

We need you to take this serious and communicate to Londonís politicians before Monday February 16th Council meeting.

On the February 11, 2009 Board of Control Agenda was an item to fall in line with Mayor Miller of Toronto and support a ban. Please note the following links to Londonís website:




Crumlin sent a letter that will be included in the package to Council. See the attached letter for and follow a nice tone. You will note the Police Chief wrote a very nice and clean letter stating why he did not support a ban.

Your communication should be brief to ensure it is read. It must be polite and respectful. We donít need them upset by foolish statements or threats.

Simply state: ďI do not support a handgun ban.Ē

Other items could be:

∑ Federal gun laws apply
∑ It is the Federal governmentís area to regulate, not municipalities
∑ Punish criminals not law-abiding citizens
∑ Criminals do not follow the laws
∑ Family activity
∑ Go after the drugs

Important Notes:

∑ The Board referred to administration to provide two wording options
ß Supporting a handgun ban, and/or
ß Supporting wording to ban illegal handguns.

So it is not gone.

∑ City Council have the ability to accept the Boardís recommendation, or has the ability to ignore the recommendation and pass a total ban or any other action they feel appropriate

It is our view the only appropriate action is to have a council resolution that does not support a handgun ban in any form.

∑ If this does get referred back, then a report will be forthcoming with at least wording options or even a recommendation to take a stand. The stand could be good or it could be bad.

You need to stay with this matter until it is concluded. Donít assume it is done. It will never be done as long as a few anti-gun people keep waving the ban-them-all flag.

You will note in Mayor Millerís proposal (Toronto) has the potential to ban all semi-auto long guns as well. The press only talks about handguns, but semi-auto shotguns and rifles are also on his mind.

We need you to send a note or call. Below are all the links to Londonís City Council.

Now is the time to speak.

Remember, some will agree with you. Some support a ban. And some donít know. We need to keep our supporters and convince the undecided.


Anne Marie DeCicco-Best
c/o City Hall
214- 300 Dufferin Avenue
London, Ontario N6B 1Z2
City Hall: 519 661-2500 Ext. 4920
City Hall Fax: 519 661-5308


Tom Gosnell
(Deputy Mayor)
1530 Ryersie Road
London, Ontario N6G 2R9

City Hall: 519 661-2500 Ext. 0332
City Hall Fax: 519 661-5933
Business: 519 850-7070


Gina Barber
314-300 Dufferin Ave.
London, Ontario N6B 1Z2
City Hall: 519 661-2500 Ext. 7011
City Hall Fax: 519 661-5933
Residence: 519 472-4790


Bud Polhill
16 Tweedsmuir Avenue
London, Ontario N5W 1K5
City Hall: 519 661-2500 Ext. 4882
City Hall Fax: 519 661-5933
Residence: 519 455-6953
Business: 519 455-1920


Gord Hume
95 Chalet Crescent
London, Ontario N6K 3C5
City Hall: 519 661-2500 Ext. 4877
City Hall Fax: 519 661-5933
Residence: 519 657-7755


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Ward 6 - Nancy Branscombe - ''

Ward 7 - Walter Lonc - ''

Ward 8 - Paul Hubert - ''

Ward 9 - Susan Eagle - ''

Ward 10 - Paul Van Meerbergen - ''

Ward 11 - David Winninger - ''

Ward 12 - Harold Usher - ''

Ward 13 - Judy Bryant - ''

Ward 14 - Cheryl Miller - ''

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