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Slide replacement for CZ 75 & legal issues.

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Posted by Wallace Gould ( on February 12, 2009 at 05:13:43:

Iíve been away from shooting for about 10 years now and Iíve just recently started to get the itch to start shooting again. Unfortunately I havenít kept up with all the changes in the laws. My Bad as my kids would say :(

I need a replacement slide for one of my CZ 75s. While I was talking to some of my old shooting buddies one of them suggested that I pick up a compact CZ 75 Slide, keep the original barrel and later on I could have the barrel ported, or add on a compensator and it would keep to overall size of the CZ. So figuring this was a good idea I logged on to a CZ forum and asked two questions.

Can I place a CZ 75 compact slide on an older CZ 75 model using the original barrel, firing pin, springs ectÖ without any major gunsmithing work?

And did anyone know where I could pick up a replacement slide, either compact or full size for my older model CZ 75?

One of the replies I got back suggested that this could be illegal as changing to a compact slide would make the firearm prohibited. In my day it was the barrel length that would have made it a prohibited firearm not the slide length.

So after that long winded explanation here is my question.

Would replacing the slide with a compact slide be illegal in Canada if I havenít changes the barrel length?

By the way I still havenít gotten an answer to my original question on the other post, so if anyone here can help me that would be great.

Can I put a compact slide on my older CZ 75 using the parts from the original slide?

And where can I order a replacement slide (compact or full size) for my older model 75?

Local people Iíve checked with can get a replacement slide for the newer model CZ 75, but they canít tell me if that slide will work on my older model 75 due to the style changes in the gun these last 10 years.

Thanks for your help


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