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Re: The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix Needs Support

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Posted by Mark B. ( on February 09, 2009 at 14:18:02:

In Reply to: The Canadian Airgun Grand Prix Needs Support posted by Patrick on January 23, 2009 at 09:29:52:

: Hi folks.

: I was hoping for more of a discussion, but it seems to be a low response. Oh well. You can lead a horse to water...

Firstly, thanks for this attempt to spur on an honest discussion about this match.

This was the first "real" match I ever attended. Likewise, it was the first "real" match which two of my three children attended. For each of us it has proven an excellent learning opportunity. For anybody who doesn't think shooting is a competitive sport, just monitor your pulse rate the first time you step onto the firing line at the CAGP. It's a real match, without doubt.

My attendance this year was up in the air until only a few minutes ago. Primary motivation for giving the CAGP a pass is cost. For a family weekend away we generally spend about $900-1000. With my employer in bankruptcy protection, spending that kind of coin seems a little frivolous. The hotel venue is wonderful, but also quite expensive.

With that having been said, one of the weakest points concerning the event is publicity. I searched high and low on the CSSA website for a match announcement and registration forms and couldn't find that info. If I couldn't find it, how's anybody else supposed to find it? This kind of handling of PR is definitely not the best way to encourage people to attend.

Lastly, a few years ago there was a major change made to the lighting standards set out by ISSF. The match organisers opted to go with only one half of that standard, that is to say, they opted to increase lighting intensity only at the target end of the range, without making any change at the firing point. The net result was a match that was disastrous for many shooters, myself included. While this is indeed a Grand Prix, it seemed ridiculous that we would have lighting that was so far out of whack for an event with such recognition. It is my sincere hope that sanity prevails and more even lighting (as was witnessed last year) continues.

All that having been said, I'm looking forward to seeing the usual gang at the CAGP, and am hoping to meet some new folks at the same time.

Good shooting, everybody!

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