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Re: Can anyone explain the SFC HPC to me?

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Posted by Richard H. ( on October 28, 2008 at 22:47:16:

In Reply to: Re: Can anyone explain the SFC HPC to me? posted by LW on October 27, 2008 at 21:42:10:

Well what's your plan?

People sit and wonder why we don't do well. I'm only surprised we do as well as we do.

Most national teams from all over the world have there own local coaching, and then have National coaches that work with the local coaches as well as have camps where things can be assessed and proper training can be prescribed.

So that is the logistics.

We recently were going to run a junior training camp, which was funded except for airfare, guess what there were basically only a couple of athletes interested.

That said coaching development is lacking too. The SFC has basically done nothing but gut the infrastructure, they have chased away the rank and file membership, by providing nothing for their membership dollars. They don't provide any value added services that members would pay for. They did all this saying their focus was on the elite athlete, well now what are they offering the elite athletes? The only people that still belong to the SFC are the ones they hold hostage.

This organization can't keep track of memberships or even classifications. In the spring I renewed my CSSA membership, I then called SFC, I was surprised they assured me my membership wasn't due until 2009, ok. I then show up to the Nationals only to be told I need to pay my membership as it is expired, right, so I pay. Cut to today 3 months later I get a membership card, and the only classification on it is air pistol, no Free Pistol, no Standard Pistol, no Sport Pistol, no 1800, give me a break. I'd call but really why bother.

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