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Re: Notes on SFC AGM 2008

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Posted by Glen Hewitt ( on October 15, 2008 at 12:25:27:

In Reply to: Notes on SFC AGM 2008 posted by Yuri Movshovich on October 15, 2008 at 00:00:55:

: These are not the minutes but rather notes from the AGM. Please excuse my ignorance or subjective representation if you detect any. Skipping some dry formalities the following is what took place.

: 1. Sean O’Donnell (Sports Canada representative) introduced himself. Sean has recently inherited Shooting Sport in his portfolio of sports from Annette Wildgoose. Sean is a former Manager of Cycling Canada.

: Sean explained that NSO funding from Sports Canada comes in two ways: grants for High Performance program (National Team) and Individual achievements. There is not much coming to the SFC through HP and one individual attracted funding as a Medal Potential. The HP funding criteria includes the Strategic Plan and LTAD documents. LTAD is new for the SFC but the Strategic Plan (link attached below) was paid for and prepared for the SFC before (I think, with only goal for funding, the document was quickly forgotten – hope it was good enough for grants).
: 2. Cathy Haines presented the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model that needs to be developed for the SFC. Cathy is a consultant who worked in Gymnastics Federation before becoming a consultant for various sports. Cathy and her group (representatives of academia nad few sections of the SFC) started working on the document just recently expecting to produce a very colorful document late in spring 2009.

: Keith Stieb has been working on similar document for Saskatchewan Handgun Association. He expressed that the document need to emphasize the positive image of the sport. The Federation will likely ask for help providing high resolution images (with credits) that could be useful for promoting our sport.

: Cathy’s presentation slides should be available from the SFC office upon request. Contact Susan Verdier.

: 3. George Leary introduced the new vision of the HPC developed together with J.P. Huot. One of the main points of the presentation is the “new” concept where athletes-coaches-officials are supported by the rest of the Federation infrastructure. George skipped through some slides that left me wanting to review the presentation. My understanding is that this vision will be a corner stone of the next Strategic Plan for the 2012.

: I believe the delivery of this vision's programs will heavily depend on the redeveloped web portal of the Federation where coaches and NT athletes will be able to communicate with Performance Enhancement Team (PET) and other resources. It is the second year the PET is referenced in HP program. I did not hear anything coming from SFC on the PET services though.

: Contact Susan Verdier to obtain the presentation slides.

: VP of High Performance is expecting at least 2 training camps for 2009 National Team (one in the East and one in the West). The non shooting training camps for all events shooters are going to be fully funded for the NT members. The Development Team (DT) members will also be invited on a self funded basis. One future camp location is planned for Guadalajara, Mexico – the location of the Pan Am Games in 2011.

: The 25 member NT list has been submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. The NT composition is 12-8-5 (clay target – riffle – pistol) shooters. The DT is open for the rest of the National Championships finalists who don’t mind paying additional membership fees to the SFC.

: 4. Keith Stieb presented a quick website solution for the Federation (check the demo It is based on content management technology that seems to be easy to maintain. The problem is mostly in bilingual and privacy requirements for the site.

: The way I felt, unless someone steps in to maintain the “unofficial” information portal of the Federation, it is going to be a while before we see a functional and useful web presence we patiently wait for MANY years.

: 5. Glenn Hewitt requested an addition to the agenda to discuss the SFC communications.

: Glenn very passionately expressed his dissatisfaction (if not anger) with complete lack of information coming from the Federation – even AIM magazine has disappeared. What is the value the members are getting for their $30 membership fees? While it is understood for the competing athletes, why would anyone else join the SFC? Does the SFC care about its members? The members would likely agree with $50 membership if they see the functional communication and interest from the SFC to serve the membership. The SFC needs to learn to value its members.

: There was no response from the SFC Office, Executives or Directors.

: 6. Election of Directors (2 positions). Rick and George were elected directors at large (the 3rd nomination was for Brian Lagroix - sorry Brian).

: 7. Ed Martin took time to inform the SFC AGM that the goal of the Canadian Government will be to eventually follow the British Model of banning the guns. It will happen faster with Left Parties’ rule while Conservative Government is expected to delay this process somewhat. The SFC cannot adopt ANY political stance on the issue.

: Coincidently with Ed’s warning, I have heard of shooters in my club that sold their firearms and now focusing only on air guns for the competition training (playing it safe).

: 8. Other raised questions: The SFC did prepare the response to the range closures in Toronto. The funny thing is that not a single Federation Executive present at the AGM saw the Response signed or published (I saw it mentioned in the report of Public Affairs Director of the SFC).

: 9. Rumors and hallway talk: One of the Saskatchewan’s Shooting Clubs is hoping to host the 2009 Pistol Nationals in the third week of July pending the range approvals.

: Happy Thanksgiving!
: Yuri Movshovich

: SFC Strategic Plan 2006-2009

Please note that my name was quoted for Note 5. I was not preaent at the SFC AGM and did not nor have ever made these comments.

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