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Posted by Richard H. ( on September 29, 2008 at 15:47:57:

In Reply to: Re: Bids ... posted by Patrick on September 29, 2008 at 00:20:27:

: Yuri:

: As I mentioned, the initial bid did not include shooting. While it was amended to include shooting, it failed to win support. I don't know if I would publically suggest that India bought the Commonwealth Games. Neither one of us would have that information.

: As for Gehmann boxes, they don't really help us, if our guns are banned. We could dryfire imaginary guns in front of them, but to what purpose?

: Gathering support from the military and police? That is absurd. The Canadian Military has been closing ranges, as are the Police. In Toronto, we have police officers trying to join civilian ranges so they can get range time, which is unavailable from their employers. Our Royal Military College (Canada's Westpoint) closed its range several years ago. Neither have a targetshooting mindset and neither organization is gun friendly.

: To be honest, if the Government pulled the funding, our sport might be better off. We'd get rid of the bureaucrats that leech off the system. We would no longer have to pay for services that go unused. We would gather the necessary financial support from our members. And, if we couldn't, then it would be because we didn't want it bad enough.

: Currently, we are slaves to other people's money. We don't own our own house. We live in fear of saying anything, as the people who pay the bills talk about killing our sport.

: While the SFC does receive direct government support, the CSSA doesn't. If has a political component, CILA, which makes it ineligible for provincial funding. Money is given to the Ontario Council of Shooters, which in turn allows the CSSA to disburse. While there is some cash, it does not pay all the bills in Ontario.

: Also, the CSSA was asked by the Bid Committee for its support. Ontario's sport governing body can yank its approval, without the SFC having any say in the deal.

: Folks, siding with the Games is a bad plan. Now, on top of the Liberals, we have the NDP screaming for a gun ban if they get elected. Even if the Tories win a majority, when they eventually get replaced, the first act by their opponents will be to ban guns, to differentiate themselves from their predecessors. This is what happened when Chretien came in to power.

: We need to make a statement now, while the opportunity exists, during the election, when people are listening.

: Do you think that women's skiers were deterred from suing VANOC because they were afraid of negative press? It highlighted their plight and they gained support, regardless of the legal outcome.

: Over the last twenty years, our community has sat on its hands, hoping that the Government would stop demonising us. People, it isn't working. Following the same plan and hoping for different results is a definition of madness. I, for one, wish to see a different plan unfurled.

: Patrick

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