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Re: Bids Fail without Shooting Packages

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Posted by YuriM ( on September 26, 2008 at 19:04:12:

In Reply to: Re: Bids Fail without Shooting Packages posted by Patrick on September 25, 2008 at 01:25:10:

Hi Patrick

I do not know where you get the information about the Hamilton bid not having shooting. I reviewed it and saw shooting inclusive of full bore events slotted for Borden. Indian bid does not list Free Pistol event compared to Hamilton's.

The reason India got the bid was due to providing larger amounts of $$ to the voting members of the federation. Loosing the bid had NOTHING to do with shooting.

I also disagree that we do not get any legacy from the games. Last few years the Riffle Nationals were shot in Beechburg, ON. They use electric Gehman boxes left from the Montreal Olympics (also good for 50m Pistol). Before Edmonton range got closed, I saw the same boxes stored there -- left from Edmonton CWGames. So there legacy, whether it is used is another question.

As for the Pan Am bids... Shooting community is represented by our sport organisations SFC and CSSA. You kow all well how heavilly dependent the SFC is on the government funds. How do you think the MAIN sponsor of the Federation would react if SFC does not present the expected and obidient behavior? I do not believe the SFC would go against the Bid. The Federation will only gain more finding if the Bid is successful (and us hopefully).

I really at a loss to understand what we can do. Taking confrontational approach will not do us any good but lots of negative publicity.

In my opinion, we need to start making bridges with military and police. They will always have ranges and guns to shoot (at least I hope they will). We need to find a legislative way to gain access to share their facilities for sport development. One would hope that SFC would think in this direction rather than hopelessly watch the ranges disapear. But these questions are more appropriate for the AGM next weekend.

Anyone coming to the AGM?

I am still saying YES to the GAMES even if there is no chance Ottawa will benefit from it.


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