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Re: City of Toronto - Another reason to withdraw Bid Support

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Posted by MichaelK ( on September 24, 2008 at 18:20:46:

In Reply to: Re: City of Toronto - Another reason to withdraw Bid Support posted by Patrick on September 23, 2008 at 22:47:09:

Hi Patrick,

How would us boycotting involvement in the Pan Am games, stop them from occurring? Not sure I follow you. Wouldn't they just have the games without us, anyways?

The City of Toronto, and the attorney general do not care about us. They believe we are the cause of the problem, or would like the public at large to believe this. I really enjoyed a cbc interview with Miller the other day when he stated, we have cracked down on gangs with xx,xxx number of new police officers, we have tightened up our boarders against the trafficking of illegal guns, and now we need to block the final hole, "ban guns on a federal level", (as if it is the last step that is required and all this violence will go away, hence Miller did his job,nice sales pitch)...and I will quote from a response letter I got from the attorney general regarding a personal letter I sent him, "(gun violence) a big price to pay, for you to have your hobby." Case and point.

It is slander, I am a legal gun owner, and should not be implicated into a crime because I own a firearm, the only way anyone on council will take notice, in my opinion, is to sue them, especially the blonde guy. They do not care if we choose not to participate on this, or that, or to ban Toronto, whatever cssa wanted to promote.

We are such a small number of people, take out the plinkers who like to go to the range to make noise and have fun, and who do we have left? Target shooters involved in the sport, either casually or seriously maybe represents about 2-5% at best of the legal gun owners in Canada, however our best line of defense is that shooting is an olympic event governed by the ISSF etc,(legitimize our activity), whether we all participate in it or not.

Unless we go to court with this, I am affraid that no one will pay attention to us. Class action suit, and let it roll around until someone else takes over the city who will actually deal with the social issue of gun violence...hmmmm, maybe we need to get a legal gun owner in as mayor...I digress.

Just my opinion for what it is worth. Didn't mean to be so long winded, I am off to do my Range Officer duties for our weekly matches!

: Hi folks.

: This is what the shooting sports are up against: a concerted political will to erase our sport.

: While the value of hosting an international sporting event, with a shooting component, may be argued as positive, at the current rate of attack, there will be no shooting sports when the 2015 Pan American Games commence. A pretty range may be available for foreign competitors to attend, but it's host (Canadians) will not be allowed to practice there or anywhere else in the country. Not much of a win for us.

: It is not an issue of promoting our sport.

: It is not an issue of winning the goodwill of our political adversaries.

: Hosting the Pan Am Games will only grant the political agents who promote firearm bans prestige in their eyes and in the eyes of some of their constituents.

: As a community, we need to withdraw support. As shooters, we need to stand up and show that shooting sports are a legitimate and compelling part of international competition. IF we pull out, nobody gets the Games.

: Its a strong message, but, as we know after THREE Toronto range closures (forced) in one year (Hart House, CNRA, SRC), they don't listen to reason and logic. They don't want to address the real issues of violence in our society. They want to stop our sport and they need a compelling reason to back off.

: Killing the Pan Am Games, because the shooting sports withdraw support, is just the message we need to send.

: Patrick

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