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Re: Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric

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Posted by ShariA ( on September 16, 2008 at 10:24:13:

In Reply to: Re: Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric posted by YuriM on September 12, 2008 at 00:20:08:

With all due respect, I actually agree with all comments made and feel that the solution lies somewhere in the middle.

I believe that we should be lobbying to get the PanAm bid but only under the following criteria:

The faciliy built and used to host the shooting events be a permanent facility, operation of which after the games is to be deeded to either the SFC and/or the CSSA (whether jointly or not) otherwise the shooting community and the CSSA and SFC will NOT under any circumstances offer their expertise during the bid process nor offer any expertise during the games should they win such bid in the way of range officers, stats, scoring and/or volunteers in general. Also, the shooting facilities are NOT to be constructed in a remote area that will not generally benefit the majority of the shooting community in Ontario - ie: the facility will not be built in Barrie but Durham Region (Pickering/Ajax) or Mississauga areas which would be readily accessible by transit services that offer consistent service and not intermittent service so that they can be freely accessed after the games.

I feel that we should have a united front with the CSSA and SFC and start lobbying now - call up Mayor Hazel and/or Regional Chair Anderson and start our negotiations now as these communities will also get a win/win - a new tax base, the opportunity to host world class events outside of the games bid such as world cups, provincial champtionships, national championships, the grand prix, etc. We have to start looking at this as a business and opportunities that mutually benefit our community and any community that would have our sport - then the stigma will be gone as to what we do and what our sport can offer.

I think I just spent my $0.02....

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