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Re: Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric

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Posted by paul ( on September 13, 2008 at 17:55:30:

In Reply to: Re: Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric posted by Paul on September 13, 2008 at 12:30:26:

Hello paul from UK
We already had the most strict gun laws in place.<> In Canada we keep our guns in our homes for insurance reasons. You should air out your opinions more often. I see that Mr. Kardar already gave you information and if you need more I know there are more knowledgable people that can help you.

Have a nice day,


: I'm not suggesting for an instant that the hoops that Canadian Firearms owners have to go through are not extensive enough ... I'm trying to illustrate that politicians cater for the majority, so get the majority on your side.

: I don't appreciate it when an opinion is blown down at every opportunity. We're all entitled to one ....

: Seldom had I seen a HANDGUN prior to arriving in Canada. Here, all police wear one, security types wear one. That's what I meant by firearms in Canada being the norm.

: I do not think that closing gun clubs is going to solve the problem, but I understand and agree with the rationale behind the decision. That is what I said.

: Since writing my comments earlier I found out that the clubs in question were not closed, just asked to find an alternate venue. Reason seems to have prevailed.

: I can see why individuals would get upset by my comments, but someone has to listen to the voices of the masses, whether informed or not ... they, via their representatives, will make the decision in the long run. I'd prefer to target my efforts in educating the majority instead of slapping those that the majorities elected.

: I'm doing my CFSC in two weeks and will follow that with a PAL application. If it takes months, it takes months. I've no interest in restricted firearms (had enough of them in the British Army)as my area of interest lies with precision air rifles.

: Thankfully I live outside the GTA and have access to a good, private club in the area.

: I think, in the future, I will keep my opinions to myself on this site .

: Good day

: Paul


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