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Posted by Patrick ( on September 12, 2008 at 08:23:06:

In Reply to: Re: Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric posted by YuriM on September 12, 2008 at 00:20:08:

Hi Yuri.

: I scream YES to any bid for Pan-American, or Commonwealth, or Olympic Games in Canada.

I respectfully disagree. With more and more attacks on our sport, I think it is only a matter of time before the anti-gunners get what they want. And then, like in the UK, we'll have to store our pistols and travel abroad to train.

Currently, there is no disincentive for Mayor Miller or Premier McGuinty for calling for a handgun ban. They both know that it won't have an impact on crime. BUT, it may win a few votes and hurt their political rivals. So, they call for a ban.

But, if it cost them these Games, plus all the infrastructure gains, then they might think about what they're saying. They might think that there are negative consequences for scapegoating shooters everytime there is a crime. They might back off these calls for grandstanding handgun bans and address the issue of crime.

Under the current political climate, shooting is losing ground.

Also, Canada has hosted Commonwealth Games before and facilities were put in place. Most recently, I believe it was Victoria (1994), with the facilities being shut down very soon after the Games. The facilities and infrastructure for shooting don't last.

And even if they maintained the facilities, if the government bans the shooting sports, nobody will be able to use these ranges. What is the advantage.

I genuinely believe that the shooting community needs to send a message to the governments of Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, etc. that they need to back off on the rhetoric around bans. Taking away a prestigious Game is only one way of doing it.

And all we need is for the CSSA to withdraw support, and the bid is dead. We will also need to get the shooting community to say "We will not volunteer to run the Games."

These bids will not succeed without a shooting package, as we saw in the 2010 Commonwealth Games Bid. The Hamilton team bid initially tried to exclude shooting (something to consider there, folks). India hopped on that and highlighted their shooting package. Hamilton tried to scramble and amend their bid to include shooting, but the damage was done. India won the bid, and justifably so.

Ontario cannot win a Games bid, Pan Ams, Olympic, or Commonwealth without shooting. Shooting can only be included if the shooting community supports it. If we take away these Games and explain WHY, we send a clear message that their anti-handgun rhetoric will cost them.

In a nutshell, I would rather see a world class facility built and maintained for shooters in Peru or Venezuela, than have one built then closed in Canada. There is a greater benefit made to the international shooting community by not bringing in a short-term facility in Canada.

I don't expect everybody to agree, but I'm tired of begging for crumbs and then be attacked by politicians in the process.


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