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Response to Government Handgun Ban Rhetoric

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Posted by Patrick Haynes ( on September 11, 2008 at 03:21:30:

Quite often, when tragedy strikes, Toronto and Ontario politicians get on a soapbox and blame handguns.

They'd like everyone to believe that handguns, not people, caused these tragedies to occur. The politicians deny that people have freewill and are responsible for their actions. Somehow, an otherwise okay person came into possession of a handgun, became crazed with power, and killed someone.

Conversely, those same politicians fight to have movies and television shows (that glorify violence) shoot in Toronto. Why? Because it makes the City of Toronto money, and the politicians enjoy the prestige of being Hollywood North.

Similarly, the same politicians that loathe firearms want to host big sporting events, like the Pan American Games, the Commonwealth Games, and ultimately, the Olympic Games. Why? Again, prestige and money.

The problem is this: these Games all include handguns. That's a problem, right?

Nope: not a problem according to the politicians. Exempt the Games from bans or move the shooting events outside of the "ban" jurisdiction. Deny the residents the enjoyment of shooting, then host an event for a select (predominately foreign) few to enjoy.

Heck, they'll even enlist the locals who lost the privilege of shooting to work the event for free. Sort of like making a man homeless, then forcing him to come in and make your bed before you toss him outside again.

Politicians want to deny their constituents participation in an activity they label as "bad", then exempt the activity for political prestige and money. Not only is this hypocritical, but it is wrong.

So how does this play out?

The Premier of Ontario and the Mayor of Toronto want to ban all handguns, only allowing the police or military to possess them. Then, when the constituents' handguns are all gone, the Premier and the Mayor want to host one or more major sporting events which feature the use of handguns.

To top it off, they will then want the ex-shooters to volunteer to run the ranges and officiate the events.

And they want us to support this?

Yes, the Toronto and Ontario governments want to portray us as villains and then have us reward them with a successful 2015 Pan American Games bid.

Are they crazy?

Its time that we sent a clear message that there are repercussions for political grandstanding.

We need to let them know that they have lost the shooting community's support for Toronto's 2015 Pan Am Games bid.

We need to tell the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto to drop the handgun ban rhetoric, or they will never get any significant Games, either in Toronto or Ontario. And if the ban ever comes into effect nationally, Canada will never see another Games after 2010.

At the rate the politicians are going, we will lose everything. As such, we have nothing to lose. If we stand up and act now, we might make somebody take note and think.

What are your thoughts? Is withdrawal of support for Toronto's/Ontario's 2015 Pan American Games Bid worthwhile to consider? Post your thoughts. i'm interested in your thoughts.


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