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Posted by Patrick ( on May 26, 2008 at 23:24:22:

Hi folks.

The City of Toronto, notably the Mayor David Miller, wants to ban guns in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yes see, guns are bad. And guns kill people. Not that people are responsible for their actions, or that people hurt (kill) with other implements, namely knives, clubs, bottles, cars, fire, etc.

And to make the City's intent plain, City Council (under Mr. Miller), has decided to close the Scarborough Rifle Club and the CNRA Handgun Club. What is terribly sad is that both of these clubs are focused on international shooting (i.e. the Olympics). One of Canada's four 2008 Olympic Athlete Hopefuls, Avianna Chao, learned how to shoot air pistol at the Scarborough Rifle Club, and honed her skills in air pistol and sport pistol.

Now, about two months in front of the Olympics, Mayor Miller wants to shut down her training facilities because her sport is the cause of gun and gang violence in Toronto.

What can you do? Simple: Boycott Toronto.
(Get the facts and visit

If you are involved with movie production, boycott Toronto. Go to New York and Vancouver to shoot your films. (Activities which promote firearm use will be banned on City property under the new bylaw. Movies, shot on the streets of Toronto, could be shut down.)

If you are looking for a vacation destination, enjoy the other parts of Canada. Steer clear of Toronto, because as firearm owners, you are a criminal in waiting. (Today, Miller dismissed his opponents as "so called legal gun owners." I have a stack of paperwork from the Canadian government that says I've followed the laws.)

If you have investment money, seed it in cities that respect private property and entrepreneurship. (The new bylaw will target firearm related businesses and try to shut them down, whether or not they have done anything wrong.)

So please, boycott Toronto. Tell Mayor Miller that you're not interested in doing business with Toronto. Shoot movies in Vancouver, visit Saskatoon, invest in Hamilton. Just don't come to Toronto, because the Mayor doesn't want you around.

Here's Mayor Miller's contact information:

Whether you are a Canadian, American, European... from wherever. Your voice, stating that you will boycott Toronto in all matters (business and tourism) can have an impact. Let's face it: Mayor Miller is only doing this for votes, not out of a real interest incurbing gang activity and violence. (If that were the case, he would do something meaningful.) Let him know that you will not support "Toronto the Bad".

Patrick Haynes

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