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Posted by Patrick ( on April 21, 2008 at 02:23:52:

In Reply to: Re: where do we sign our counter-petition? posted by Mike M on April 20, 2008 at 13:42:06:

Hi Mike.

Yes, this website isn't a part of the CSSA nor CILA. As a shooter and pistol coach, I volunteer time and resources to the CSSA; but, this site does not get any support, financial or otherwise, from any group. Many groups link this board into their sites, and I've never discouraged that. But, this site is more than just a board.

Regardless, the goal of TargetShooting Canada is to support the development of competent target shooters. There aren't many sites on the web which actively pursue that goal. Many sites touch on it, but only some provide any depth.

Since launching this site in July 2001 (holy crap: almost 7 years ago), the site has been visited tens of millions of times by people around the world. On average, I get 240,000 hits and about 38,000 unique visitors per month.

I think people come here because the site has a single focus. I don't get too political, unless an election comes up. I don't push agendas. I stick with shooting and improving shooters. CILA does a good job with political stuff. I think the NFA makes a strong political statement as well. As such, I leave that to them.

I agree with you that the anti-gun groups are out for me, as well as anyone who enjoys shooting, target or otherwise. In their minds, if you own a gun, then you are fundamentally evil or disturbed. Such is the thinking of prejudiced and ignorant minds.

My part in the fight is to demystify shooting, so people get into the sport, perform well and enjoy it more. If people get in and stay active, our population grows, as well as the strength of our voice.

On a side note, I think internet petitions have little value and are the tools of people who are grandstanding and posturing. Case in point: Mayor Miller's anti-gun petition. Who cares if you sign up? It offers no credibility. It carries no weight. It isn't scientific nor valid. In his case especially, it is empty and hollow, only carrying weight with those who already believe his argument. A petition to the contrary would be equally hollow and useless.

We're better off to talk with those around us about the reality of firearms in Canada. Be proud of our sport and don't hide our enthusiasm. Let people know that you're involved in a sport with Olympic roots that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

That's what I do, and that is what TargetShooting Canada is about.


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