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Re: Arms in pistol shooting

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Posted by Michael K ( on January 03, 2008 at 23:23:59:

In Reply to: Arms in pistol shooting posted by Dave Woolridge on October 04, 2007 at 14:48:23:

I have an interesting comment about that.

I once talked to a martial arts dude, who demonstrated the power of tendons and skeletal structure over muscle.

I dont know why, but I decided to use this technique in shooting, basically because it kept my shoulder low, and muscle relaxed.

First to demonstrate, he asked me with all my strength (weight lifting all my life, so I have some upper body strength), to keep my arm straight. Then he grabbed my wrist in one hand and with his other forearm bent my elbow.

So I was not able with muscle to stop him from bending my arm at the elbow.

Then he asked me to reach out, without any conscious use of muscle, and in a very relaxed way, while standing perfectly still feel like you are reaching out for something, not really really far, but just so that you have that sensation of reaching.

He tried the same manouver, and short of breaking my arm, could not bend my elbow. Then I tried the same excercise on him, to verify. Try it at home boys...

In this case, I think you are using long muscle fibre, an endurance muscle, and tendon, and trapiziod, and lats, instead of deltoids to lift your arm.

just my two cents,

: Hi All

: I have begun shooting.22 standard pistol. Can someone explain what I am supposed to be doing with my arm from the wrist back to the shoulder?

: Thanks Dave

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