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Re: The SFC AGM?

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Posted by Patrick ( on October 01, 2007 at 22:35:36:

In Reply to: Did anyone go to the SFC AGM? posted by Bill on September 30, 2007 at 21:46:20:

: If you did, how did it go? What were the hottest topics? Was anything resolved? Let us know, thanks!

I went as did a few others who post here. The Exec. had hoped to wrap up everything by noon; but, despite repeated questions of "Are we done with this yet?", the meeting went to around 5pm.

The hottest topics were national team selection and naming criteria. The HPC still hasn't come up with a final team criteria, which they now say will be put in place for next year's Nationals. We have been promised a date of Dec. 31, 2007, to have a fully fleshed out program with all criteria described and team definitions detailed.

We're trying to get proxy voting put in place for next year. The current Exec. voted against proxy voting for the Federation's membership, something which the attending members passed. The Shooting Federation of Canada belongs to the members, and the power should be in their hands. Whenever someone tries to exclude participation, there is a problem. There are some administrative hurdles to clear; but, this is something that everyone should be demanding, from BC to NL to Nunavut.

The Exec. was proud of their work toward the Strategic Plan. When I asked what successes they had achieved, one VP was very enthusiastic about the progress made within the realm of human resources. They didn't describe any more successes, which I found somewhat disappointing.

We also moved to have the decisions made by the Exec. posted on the website within a timely manner. I was told that everyone is already allowed to make an appointment with the office and come in to read them. Again, this isn't fair to anyone living outside of the National Capital region. So, now the information from the Exec. meetings must be posted in French and English within two weeks of being ratified.

Our Sport Canada rep. was there and she explained that many of the policies that were being put in place were not mandated by Sport Canada; despite, the fact that this is what we often hear. Sport Canada wants certain end results; but, they don't always dictate the mechanism to get them. That is often the responsibility of the sport body (our SFC.) That is an important piece of information.

For the most part, it boiled down to the fact that the Exec. had a lot of questions posed to them. Some they were eager to respond to, some they seemed not. For the first time in a long time, there was discussion, which is good for the membership.

If we don't like what is going on, then we need to look at our elected representatives. If they do a good job, we need to applaud them. If they are not living up to their word, or our expectations, then they can be voted out. We just have to be prepared to step up and do better.

I'm beat right now and can't think of anything without referring to my notes. At the end of the day, the SFC is only as good as what we make it into or allow it to become. If we don't bother to get involved, if we just let people do whatever they want without direction or accountability, we will get exactly what we deserve.

Now, here is the question that you must ask yourselves: what sort of Federation do we deserve?


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