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Posted by gordon ( on September 03, 2007 at 02:25:21:

In Reply to: Re: records update at pistolcanada posted by KeithS on September 02, 2007 at 22:16:53:


I can only say that I had a lot of enjoyment going through the past results which you had compiled. I think the value of the information far outweighs whatever problems could arise from the odd trifling error that might slip in.

Surely this result publication should be SFC business, but apparently, you are the only one who has actually taken the initiative of compiling the information in a web-friendly format. I will definitely be looking forward to the time, if and when you get the past years back up.

And when that time comes, I would be happy to comb through them for lists of champions and records.

As far as pre-2000 results go, there is clearly more of a challenge, because there would be a lot of data entry to do, and a data system to set up, which I am not competent to do. I could do some of the donkey work though, at a leisurely pace, under direction from others.

Best Regards,

Gordon Friesen

that you get
: I have no time or data to do what you are asking for. The reason the past results were pulled was due to an inquiry from someone over some discrepancies. One I found and corrected. The other(s) were not actually problems at all. The records in question existed, it was just the person does not understand how databases rather than getting into an argument about it, it is more prudent to remove them.
: When I have the time....and not anywhere in the near future I can assure you, I will spend time "once in a while" and check over each nationals results carefully. When I have completed that task they will be reposted to the web site. Until that time (if it ever happens) they will remain off the web site.
: If a listing of best scores/past results should be posted, the SFC can do it. Then, if they are not accurate according to the "mob", they can spend the time to deal with it.
: IF someone wants to perform all the things you are asking for....then I suggest they contact the SFC for copies of all the nationals results, and sit down and compile a list by event. For me, I have better things to do with my time.

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