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Posted by gordon ( on September 02, 2007 at 21:10:28:

Hi Keith,

I noticed the overhaul you have announced to the records section at the Nationals site.

I both congratulate you on the undertaking, and
commiserate with you at the difficulty of the task.

Naturally, some of us may have wish lists of features we would like to see. and I would like to share mine, on the clear understanding that whatever work you are gracious enough to carry out on this project is a plus for us all, and there should be no question of complaining that this or that work remains to be done.

With that said, I think the records section will be of greatest interest when the most people and historical information are included. Therefore I would suggest two things:

1. Record keeping for exhibition events.

2. Listing not only the current record holder, in
each event, but also the historical sequence of
record holders and their previously high scores.

As to the first point, there are events which are
officially masculine,like 50 metre pistol,
and events which are officially feminine,
like 25 metre sport. However, cross-gender
participation in these events is encouraged, and
it is gratifying to note that there has been female particiaption in all of the boys sports, and also a full slate of males in sport pistol. I would suggest that the exploits of these exhibition participants be also catalogued in the
records section.

It would be very interesting to remember who has been the best all-time male sport shooter. And for the females I think this is even more important, because most of the disciplines are male. Female Rapid Fire, Female 50 meter, Female Centre Fire, Female Standard, and Female NRA. I think we should celebrate the champions of all of these. And I am also pretty sure that doing so would stimulate increased participation and interest in these unofficial sports.

As to point two, the historical list of records
through the years, this is quite simply our
history as a sport. The more we commemorate it
the richer the tradition is for all of us. As an
example, many of us still remember that
the first four minute mile, a feat considered
impossible till that time, was run by a medical
student named Roger Bannister. I just looked
up the date: 1954. Now this record has been
broken time and again, and a simple list of current record holders would make no mention of
poor old Roger, but I think that wpuld be a pity. Future generations of atheltes should see the
names of the old firsts and their once proud records. If for no other reason, than that this record shows just how long and difficult it has been to achieve current standards.

But as I said to begin with, while there is always more to wish for ideally, in the real world, I for one am very grateful for the work you have actually done in making these historical records available.

Best Regards,

Gordon Friesen, Montreal

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