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Re: Disabled Canadian Champions: 2007

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Posted by KeithS ( on August 23, 2007 at 02:28:42:

In Reply to: Disabled Canadian Champions: 2007 posted by Gordon on August 22, 2007 at 22:19:19:

I updated the main page summary to reflect the disabled shooters. They are represented with the letter (D). Disabled classifications are not used at the Nationals, so they are not a part of the scheme.
As for a "national record" in rapid fire....I will defer that to next year if and when we get more results. I did not research any previous years records for disabled rapid fire, and as such, I will not post something that may be incorrect.

: This is a message for Keith and Grant and the rest of the crew in PA. I am posting it here because I think it may be of more general interest.

: First of all, I think you guys did a first rate job with the Nationals this summer, but there is always some excuse for special interest whining, so here is mine:

: I find it unfortunate that the Nationals site does not explicitly mention the winners, ie Canadian Champions, of the three paralympic disciplines contested this year. While the top male, female, and junior results are on the front page, and the abled bodied Canadian Champions have a page of their own in "Latest News", the disabled results and champs are absent from both.

: They were:

: P1 SH1 Air Pistol Men -- Greg Ohlman

: P2 SH1 Air Pistol Women -- Karen Van Nest

: P3 SH1 Cooed Sport Pistol -- Patrick Haynes

: I realize that there is very little disabled pistol shooting in this country, but for that very reason, I should think it even more important to underline the acheivements of the few who do participate.

: Perhaps my atitude is a little Quixotic, but I would like to see more, rather than less disabled pistol shooting. And I would like to see disabled shooters in more events. This year for instance, I shot in the Rapid Fire event, and according to the stats on the site, that is the first time any disabled shooter has ever done so. I would think that publishing the result as a disabled Canadian Record, a paltry 434 as it happens, might well stimulate one of the better shooters to erase that insult to Canadian pride by posting a higher score next year. And then there would be TWO disabled shooters on the Rapid Fire line.

: Just a thought.

: Thanks again for a wonderful experience in Prince Albert this summer.

: Best Regards,

: Gordon Friesen, Montreal

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