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Re: Matchgun MG-2 reliability

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Posted by Mark B. ( on August 07, 2007 at 15:33:50:

In Reply to: Re: Matchgun MG-2 reliability posted by Yuri on August 01, 2007 at 23:24:52:

Yuri - I won't disagree with your statement, but rather will attempt to amplify it. I had troubles with my AW93 which was purchased brand new. I also had troubles with my MG-2 which was purchased brand new. In both cases the same part had to be replaced (the slide) and in the case of the MG-2 the barrel also had to be replaced as it was one half of the problem. So here we are with two high-end pistols that both had quality problems straight from the factory. That makes them pretty much the same in my eyes. I still find it incredibly difficult to believe that either Feinwerkbau or Matchguns could ship such obviously-malfunctioning pistols. This is clear proof that high purchase price does NOT guarantee quality.

As far as malfunctions go, now that my 2nd MG-2 has had its barrel and slide replaced, it hasn't had a single malfunction. Similarly, my older MG-2 continues to shoot without malfunction. Both shoot without me doing anything to them other than loading and firing them, and dropping a bit of oil on them from time to time. In this regard my MG-2's are much more like the IZH35 then you might initially think.

On the topic of carrying two pistols, please bear in mind the national Rapid Fire champion travels with two Pardini's - and the Pardini has to be just about the most simple standard pistol design on the market. It's not about whether the gun is simple or complex. It's about the "what if's" - like "what if I have a firing pin break right after sighters, can I recover and complete the match?". I would hate like heck to spend several thousand dollars in travel cost, not to mention precious vacation days, to travel to a match, only to receive a DNF result because my gun broke part way through the match. The cost of a spare pistol that will last a lifetime of competition is often far less than the cost of the airline ticket to attend one match. It's purely a matter of economics - if I'm going to spend my time and money to compete, then I'd better have the hardware to guarantee that I'll be able to complete the competition. That's also why I carry spare ammo, "just in case". Your value assessment policy is different from mine so you choose not to carry a spare gun or spare parts. That choice is yours to make, and all I can do is wish you the best of success with the choices you do make.


: I would disagree with Mark on AW93. This gun is extremely reliable and the trouble Mark experienced with one he had were fixed with the slide exchange under warranty (the extractor pin - part of the slide - was too far forward).

: MG2 - is too complex and everyone I know who competes with it requires two of them. I don't know anyone carrying two of AW93. AW93 is an exelent standard pistol and more of them start appearing in men's Rapid Fire competitions.

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