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Re: Matchgun MG-2 reliability

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Posted by Yuri ( on August 01, 2007 at 23:24:52:

In Reply to: Matchgun MG-2 reliability posted by Sylvain on July 29, 2007 at 22:31:35:

I would disagree with Mark on AW93. This gun is extremely reliable and the trouble Mark experienced with one he had were fixed with the slide exchange under warranty (the extractor pin - part of the slide - was too far forward).

MG2 - is too complex and everyone I know who competes with it requires two of them. I don't know anyone carrying two of AW93. AW93 is an exelent standard pistol and more of them start appearing in men's Rapid Fire competitions.

On the cheap side of the scale you have to know about IZH-35M. You might need to search for a used one as no new supply is available in North America yet. Once again, russian design simplicity makes the gun work pretty much flawlessly with any ammo. You might want to do something about the factory grip though. I do have an IZH, and could have 3 or 4 of them for the price of ONE MG2. In two years of competing - not a single mulfunction!!!

My feeling - STAY AWAY from MG-2 unless you are like Mark who enjoys working on the guns. I use the guns for shooting and have no time to spend on figuring out what the manufacturer did wrong. I agree that MG2 is a nice gun and it shoots very nicely if it does.

The other thing - cleaning your gun (eventually you might decide to do it). You would need to remove few screws to give MG2 a full cleaning. Neither IZH or AW93 require a screwdriver (except for sight adjustments) or any other tools except cleaning rod to take good care of the gun.

Good luck with any of the choices you are about to make!

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