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Re: Matchgun MG-2 reliability

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Posted by Mark B. ( on July 30, 2007 at 16:55:31:

In Reply to: Matchgun MG-2 reliability posted by Sylvain on July 29, 2007 at 22:31:35:


I have two MG-2's and have had very good experiences with both. I also have a Pardini SP1 Electronic which is currently for sale as it doesn't suit me. It works perfectly, but just doesn't suit me. I've also owned a FWB AW93 and can specifically comment that it was a complete disappointment in several regards. Of all the standard pistols I've shot (the only one I haven't shot is the Walther SSP) the MG-2 is the one that I find I shoot best in both Standard/Sport and RapidFire. Your mileage may vary.

If you wish more details I'd be happy to share them. My MG-2's are both the oldest and newest serial number ranges, 11xx and 15xx. The 15xx unit had to have its barrel and slide replaced in order to function properly - this was as a result of a design error on the part of Matchguns, but was fixed under warranty. By comparison, my 11xx gun has worked very well since I purchased it. From your e-mail address I assume you're in Ottawa. There are two other MG-2's in Ottawa, one is a 15xx and the other is an 11xx (each is only a couple of serial numbers away from the ones I own). The 15xx unit had to have its barrel and slide replaced for the same reason as mine. Additionally, the owner decided he wanted a Rink grip but had to modify the grip substantially in order to make it work as empty cartridges were bouncing off the wood and being thrown back into the breech area. The other 11xx gun in Ottawa was purchased second-hand and was very troublesome. I've worked with its owner and we now have it functioning flawlessly (he reports having gone almost 500 rounds without problem since we last worked on the pistol).

Mike Taylor has commented that the MG-2 is likely not the best "first" standard pistol for a shooter to own. I have great respect for Mike and would tend to agree with him, but would also disagree only by adding the qualifier that it's a fantastic pistol in the right hands, but it is NOT the right pistol for a shooter who does not have the ability to understand the mechanics of a complex pistol. My MG-2's have been fantastic, but I understand mechanical things and know how to make them work. If you're the kind of person who wants a pistol where little to no understanding of its internal workings is required then I would agree with Mike Taylor that the Pardini is probably the better route to follow.

By the way, which "dealer" have you been talking to on this topic?


: I am looking foward to buy a pistol that would be suitable for rapid fire and standard. The dealer recommends me the Matchgun MG-2, and he tells me that reliability issues has been solved.

: I would like to have the input of owners about the reliability of their MG-2. Please include the seral number of your gun and purchace date in your reply.

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