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Posted by tommyg ( on May 18, 2007 at 23:05:13:

In Reply to: Re: CDN National Team Criteria - Information posted by KeithS on May 17, 2007 at 23:44:00:

Only problem with a junior team is that %$#&$(&^(*& C68 does not allow juniors to own their own firearms and therefore are dependant on their parents, legal guardian to purchase/ store the restricted firearm. Yes i would be nice to feild a line of juniors in these events but how can you expect them to get any live fire experience with the restrictions imposed on us by law...????

The beat we can hope for is to get lots and lots of juniors interested in air pistol then try to induce them into cratridge firearms.


: To those who are confused....

: I am waiting for the official information from the SFC so I can post it on the national pistol championships 2007 web site.

: Once I have the official information, I will have the match rules posted, and will place a post on this forum.

: Because the match rules have not been posted yet, I would also ask that everyone please pass on one important bit of information on for me.
: Juniors are shooting air pistol twice thru, plus finals as was done the last two years. The dynamics of a junior national team are also being worked on, and will likely be discussed at nationals.

: I would encourage all coaches out there to have their juniors attend nationals if they are interested in being on a national is very probable that this match will determine team membership.

: As an aside....
: We need more juniors competing in ALL the Olympic disciplines, not just air pistol. The makeup of a national junior team would reflect representation based on ALL the olympic disciplines....not just air pistol.
: Junior participation in events other than air pistol have significantly decreased in past years.

: This needs to be addressed for the future of our sport!!!!

: It would be a marvelous thing to have a complete line of juniors shooting free pistol, for example....or rapid fire, sport pistol, etc etc.

: Keith S
: Nationals registration and stats chairperson

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