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Posted by tommyg ( on May 17, 2007 at 21:03:05:

In Reply to: vision question posted by Dave Woolridge on May 16, 2007 at 12:03:17:

Your vision changes hour to hour, day to day, and can change with training, illness, stress, environmental conditions etc.. small things like the amount of oxygen in your blood, the number of hours of rest you've had, to your state of hydration can and will affect the way you see things. (improper hydration will cause the eye to become out of round and cause the effect of a slight astigmatism. irritated eyes will tear up and the surrounding tissue will swell putting varying pressure on the eye)

If you were sure that your sights were horizontal I would guess that something in your hold caused a slight paralax in sighting arrangement so that you were not 100% centred behind your rear sight. the added stress of a new range could make you think your hold was correct.. which could explain why everything went back to "normal" at your home range .

just a thought


: OK who can explain this.

: I shoot with a single lens and am extremely nearsighted, no astigmatism, that I do not need a blinder for my non aiming eye. At every range I have done this I can see things in my sight normally, i.e., a horizontal line at the back of the range looks horizontal. However, last week at a new range when I looked through my sights lines that I know were horizontal, visually appeared slanted upwards and to the right. This was not a slight change but dramtic skewing. I went back to my home range and again when looking through the rear sight horizontal lines appeared horizontal. I changed absolutly nothing concerning the lay out of my knoblocks or gun sights. What gives?

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