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Posted by David in Ottawa ( on March 30, 2007 at 10:38:12:

In Reply to: Thanks...and Additional Questions posted by ed willson on March 29, 2007 at 21:15:05:

: Additional Question:
: I read that in 10m men's slow fire you shoot 60 shots in 1 hour 45. The target has only one competition shot per how long do you have to make a shot, considering the time it takes to change targets?


For me that depends on how long it takes to change targets, and what format is being used for the competition.

If you use the CAGP (the annual Grand Prix in Toronto) as an example.. It takes about 30 seconds to grab a target, load it, wind it down to the end, bring it back, and remove it. I use 90 seconds as my baseline per shot. Then I need to add 5 minutes of real rest every 10 targets (where I sit down in the chair, and examine/record my targets, and take a short break). This leaves about 20-30 minutes extra for "unscheduled difficulties". I find this comfortable.. Others will have different answers.

During the LSBA monthly shoots we use 45 minute periods, and generally put up 4 or 5 targets on a board. This changes my match plan completely! And to be frank, I haven't found a schedule that really works for me yet. I tend to finish too early on each 45 minute period.

Last year in the LSBA we used automoted targets on roll paper.. so you'd just sit back and press a button until the next target was centered. When it worked, it was great... very little time spent managing the target means more time available to spend on the shot process. But, it often failed causing major disruptions in the match schedule.

Make it to a World Cup, and you'll probably be using electronic targets, which are faster than the roll paper targets at the LSBA..

But if you plan to go to Provincials, or Nationals here in Canada.. the first blurb is what works for me!



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