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Re: lead free .22?

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Posted by tommyg ( on March 15, 2007 at 16:58:56:

In Reply to: lead free .22? posted by Dave on March 14, 2007 at 15:19:59:

: Does anyone manufacture training an competition grade, LEAD FREE, .22 ammunition?

: Does using copper jacketed reduce lead contamination?

: Are there any drawbacks to firing copper jacketed ammo in my match rifle?

: Ciao Dave
I have read magazine articles about lead free bullets, some are made from bismuth, some have been formed from a tungsten polymer, but i do not know of a competion grade .22 ammo being made or distributed. although Richard pointed out the lead in the priming compound as being a major contributor to airbonre lead, depeding on the backstop used, the bullet will melt/disintgrate when striking a sufficiently hard surface at an acute angle and produce significant airborne lead dust. The articles suggested that a plated( not jacketed, i believe therm used was copper washed) lead bullet yeilded less airborne lead than an unplated bullet. a jacketed bullet form a .22 can penetrate mild steel backstops, if you have ever used a jakedted pistol bullet on a steel sihouette target you can see the damage done (clean cut holes for the more powerful cartridges. copper keeps the bullet from disintegrating on impact with the backstop, this causes heat to bulid up, enough to melt the backstop at the point of imapact, because the projectile is still one mass the softend steel yeilds producing holes, this is why some indoor ranges have a "NO jacketed bullet rule")

copper fouling can have a greater impact on barrel life and acuracy than a lubed lead projectile.

do a subject searh on pilkguns target talk forum ( sorry Patrick)I believe that this issue has been discussed there but the thread may be a couple of years old.


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