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Re: Inspection Probabilities?

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Posted by J.P. ( on February 20, 2007 at 00:28:23:

In Reply to: Re: Inspection Probabilities? posted by tommyg on January 22, 2007 at 07:04:39:

You will 100 % get inspected. For the sake of argument I will assume all your firearms are legally registered (if none at all of your firearms are registered you are a lot safer!!!). Usually before you get issued your first ever ATT for a restricted firearm, usually to bring it home from the store, they inspect your storage, but perhaps with the mail order business picking up & the police actually wanting to catch you and charge you with unsafe storage they have stopped doing that.

Your magic number of 10 in not correct. The magic number is Bill C-68, which gives the police the power to do an inspection if they believe that there are any (ANY) firearms present, even just one. Only a firearms license holder may show the place of storage to a firearms officer, not just a regular police officer. For example, if they come when you are out, and your wife has the keys, and she doesn't have a license, and she actually shows them, your wife IS going to jail and will be charged, you WILL loose all your guns, and you WILL be charged with unsafe storage, and you WILL be found guilty of it, as you without debate would be under the draconian Bill C-68. The magic number 10 is in addition, where Bill C-68 says they can inspect, the number 10 says the WILL inspect.

You will get a couple days notice, they will not just show up at your door, unless they suspect you are committing a crime that is, which is irrelevant of registration anyway. Criminals don't register their guns.

To help you with your storage concerns (not transporting or displaying, different rules). First, I don't know what you mean by a gun locker.

For restricted firearms
1) The firearm must have a trigger lock on it. techinically having a cable lock run through holding a cylinder open or running through a magazine well exiting the top is legal, but they will cry about it, so spend the 10 bucks at le barons and buy the combo trigger lock.


2) The firearm must be locked in a safe or secure hard to break into gun cabinet (for cheap ones I recomment stack on).


3) The safe or gun cabinet MUST be securely mechanically (screws or bolts not glue)fastened to the wall (if a solid wall, so it just can't be ripped off) or floor.

For non restricted.

1) Must have a trigger lock, or cable lock for lever actions.

2) They should be kept out of sight. If they are in a locked cabinet, the cabinet does not need to be fastened to the house.


The ammunition must be stored separately from the firearms unless they are locked in the same locked safe as the firearm.

You will fail an inpection if

1) your safe for restricted is not fastened to the house.
2) you have one stray round of ammunition lying around anywhere near the firearms, for example on a shelf in your rec room, if that is the same room your safe is in.

Go on to the CFC site and you can download the rules there.

Also, for sure, 100%, without a doubt you will most certainly one day get inspected, especially considering the City, Province you are in. We have a great Federal Government so far so hopefully the next election they get a majority and can fix completely Bill-C68. Also, thanks to Bill C-68 the police technically never need a warrant again, ever, for ANYTHING. All they have to do is say "hey, I heard from someone that this guy might have a gun", doors downs, granny's on the floor with MP5 in her mouth, the doggy with the muzzle and drool is at juniors head, just because you smacked a jerk at a club the night before. This is completely true go to the CSSA site and you will read about all the people that has happened to.

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