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Posted by Gordon ( on February 02, 2007 at 08:22:39:

In Reply to: Re: CONNAUGHT accessibility posted by Pat Boulay on January 31, 2007 at 13:33:37:

Thanks for your encouragement Pat.

Scoring should be ok, because there will likely be someone to walk down for me.

Really all that worries me is the firing point. Perbaps someone who knows the place will chime in. Otherwise, I will try to reach them by phone.

Best Regards,


: I wouldn't count on the weather. Last year was my first attempt at the Victoria day match and it was MISERABLE!!! Very windy and raining ... but ... we are in Canada after all. I'm sure it could be beautiful too. ;-)

: As far as the tables go .... I don't remember for sure since I was so busy sivering! But, it seems to me that there are enough folk around that something could be arranged. And, with enough notice, I'm sure something can be figured out. I think a bigger worry would be getting to the targets for scoring. The range is very sandy and may be tough to get a wheel chair through. But again, there are enough folk around that I'm sure something can be arranged.

: Someone who shoots there regularly will probably be able to offer more definate info ... but thats my two cents.

: Pat

: : Hi Folks,

: : I just got an invite for the Victoria Day pistol meet in Ottawa. The distance is right and May is a nice time for it. I just am wondering about wheel chair accessibility.

: : Getting into the range is the less critical factor because it really isn't that hard to manhandle a wheelchair up a few steps when there is no other way.

: : Shooting conditions though do count. I would be shooting Sport Pistol, and I start from a very low ready. Really the only practical way to do this is to clear the lane. Does anybody know offhand if the tables on the Connaught pistol range can be raised lowered or removed? Or if there is space between the tables through which I could shoot?

: : Thanks for the help,

: : Gordon

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