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Re: Inspection Probabilities?

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Posted by tommyg ( on January 22, 2007 at 07:04:39:

In Reply to: Inspection Probabilities? posted by torontogunguy on January 19, 2007 at 04:32:04:

: I have, over the past months, acquired a collection of long guns and restricted firearms (pistols) numbering: about 6 long guns - 4 of which are .22's for target shooting; and about a dozen handguns of various makes, models and calibres to play with and see which one(s) suit my personal preference for future target shooting requirements; about half are .22 target pistols. I note that there seems to be a magic number of "10" and that the goverment has the right to inspect should they have reason to believe that I have ten or more firearms on the premises; to see if I am safely storing them.

: Question - What are the odds of them actually coming to inspect? And how much notice, if any, can I expect so that the place is presentable for company?

: I store my handguns with trigger locks, action wire locks as well where possible, in a locked plastic handgun case and in a locked gun locker. My long guns are stored with a trigger lock, in a locked gun case and as many as possible in the locked gun cabinet (we have run out of room and are running out this weekend to buy another gun safe for the long guns). The house is protected by a monitored alarm system and all doors are protected by reinforced deadbolt locks.

: Anyone have any commen

I know a number of firearm owners who have 10 or more registered firearms and have never been inspected. IF you go to the cfc web page and search inspections it will list the regulations concerning home inspections. things like the officer will arrange the call between 7 am and 7 pm, they can only inspect the area of the home where the firearms are stored, the appointment will be made at least 48hrs in advance. NO WARRANT is required......but I am sure that they would arrive with one so a thorough inspection is done.

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