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Posted by tommyg ( on December 24, 2006 at 14:27:24:

In Reply to: Large bore silhoutte info posted by Bob on December 22, 2006 at 00:01:23:

Ok you will need to contact your CPFO for regulations in your area concerning the use of metal targets and the addition / change of use for the range. Remeber you need to submit plans before any work is done. In the new year I could send you digila pics ofour range and what was required( this is frustrating because no range is the same and the inspectors were very inconsistant applying the regulations to any given range...Some ranges can't speak highly enough of the CPFO and its inspectors ...while clubs in our area have a differing opinion)

Basically whenever metalic targets, or any target where the projectile could riccochet off the target or the ground, are used, they must be placed in a manner such that no aimed projectile can srike the ground of the range, nor can it fly off the range.

This basically means that all mettalic targets must be placed in a bunker with a sufficient backstop to prevent the above. We used an earthen backstop and a small enclosure constructed of railroad ties to contain any riccochet or bullet splatter

For Target and rules info do an internet search for International metalic silhouette. ...

Tables below from wikipedia
Approx. Chicken Pig Turkey Ram
Width 13" 22" 19" 32"
Height 11" 14" 23" 27"

Range in meters
Equipment Chicken Pig Turkey Ram

Large bore rifle 200 300 385 500
Small bore rifle 40 60 77 100
Air rifle 20 30 36 45
Cowboy rifle 50 100 150 200
Cowboy pistol 40 50 75 100
Large bore pistol 50 100 150 200 Small bore pistol 25 50 75 100
Field pistol 25 50 75 100
Air pistol 10 12.5 15 18

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