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Re: Pardini SP 1 Rapid Fire or MG2 Rapid Fire

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Posted by Mark B. ( on December 18, 2006 at 16:41:32:

In Reply to: Pardini SP 1 Rapid Fire or MG2 Rapid Fire posted by Andrew on December 02, 2006 at 06:22:02:

: Out of these two which is the better pistol?Comments on both pistols would be great as I am deciding on which one to buy.

Andrew - your question is kinda like walking into a bar and asking a gang of guys what's the best kind of woman. You'll get a wide range of answers.

I have neither the MG-2 Rapidfire nor the SP1RapidFire models, however I do have a pair of standard MG-2's and a standard SP1 Electronic.

In my hands the Pardini is the lesser of the two guns for Rapidfire work. I cannot seem to control it as well as the MG-2. The electronic trigger is definitely of advantage in dryfire training, but mine has not provided 100% reliability. I now understand why this is the case and since making this "eurika" discovery have not had any further troubles.

On the other hand, I've had good service from my MG-2's. They'll eat just about any ammo you throw at them (although I've recently had problems with one gun using PMC Scoremaster...). From a precision standpoint I would have to say my MG-2's produce better groups than the Pardini, but that's a highly subjective evaluation. The Pardini is a less complex design, but you pay for it by having the magazine forward of the trigger, resulting in a short barrel and lots of muzzle flip. Everybody who's shot my MG-2's can't believe how little it moves. The Pardini has to be cleaned fairly regularly, while the MG-2 works best when dirty. (Again, that's the case with my guns, your mileage may vary.)

One of my pet peeves with the Pardini is the rear sight blade is awfully shiney. That having been said, it's as adjustable as that of the MG-2.

From a grip standpoint I'm fortunate in that my MG-2 grip (the one on the second gun I bought) fits perfectly with no modifications whatsoever. That was a true surprise. The Pardini fits pretty well, but their grip sizing generally tends to be smaller than other manufacturers. That is to say that if your hand is on the "big" end of medium with Morini grips, you'd better order a Large in the Pardini.

The really big difference between these guns is in the balance. I can't seem to get to like the very nose-heavy feeling of the Pardini. I shoot the standard MG-2 without the additional weight plates installed on the nose and like it just fine that way.

Hope this info helps...


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