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Posted by Mark B. ( on December 15, 2006 at 10:58:33:

In Reply to: Re: MG2 posted by Richard H. on November 22, 2006 at 16:03:51:

Richard - I've found that different pistols produce different 'felt recoil' results with ammunition. The GSP with its fairly vertical grip may not provide the same felt recoil characteristics. The MG-2 allows a pretty good measure of recoil characterizing, and of course the free pistol is the ultimate test. In both cases the Standard Club that I have has been very mild on the recoil side of things. And Super Club has produced significantly greater recoil. So much so that I can't begin to use Super Club for RapidFire. In terms of "felt recoil" in both the MG-2 and CM84 I would rank ammunition in the following ascending order:

Lapua Standard Club
RWS Super 250
Eley Target Pistol
Lapua Pistol King
OLD Eley Tenex (in paper boxes - my fav for FP)
Lapua Super Club/master/midas (and Remington Target...)
New Eley Tenex

Just as an aside, Brian L. and I conducted a blind test of ammo, wherein he'd load the pistol and I'd shoot it and then tell him what I thought was in the gun. That's how the above list was derived - I could pretty accurately tell which ammo was being used, even though I couldn't see what it was when firing.


: I shoot both Super Club and Standard Club and don't find that big of a difference between the two, I definately wouldn't term it as "hot ammo" look at the Lapua Specs and they are the same for both. The recoil characteristics might be a little different.

: My first case of Standard Club was nowhere as oily as my second case. Mark the oil seems to be very volitile and I've found if you pack it in the Super Club boxes after about a week or so it is only slightly oilier than Super Club.

: I believe Standard Club is made by SK Jagd (which Lapua Group owns).

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