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Re: AP sighter series question

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Posted by KeithS ( on November 23, 2006 at 19:49:32:

In Reply to: Re: AP sighter series question posted by Patrick on November 17, 2006 at 23:45:39:

The Rika machines will score center patches for 25m and 50 m precision. The center patches are slightly smaller in physical size than the ones you normally get. Cibles can sell you some.
I have scored them....they work okay. As long as your shots are not nicking the edge of the center patch, they score them fine. They also score the shots to the tenth for finals.
The Rika scorers also score other types of targets. I have the manuals for the Rika. Just have not figured out what the targets are...or what competition they are used for.
Rika used to make a target scorer for full size target sheets. I do not see them listed any more.
The only problem we would have in using a Rika to score live fire targets is that they only score a maximum of five (5) shots. So a lot more target changing is required. The other problem you have is that you cannot staple the center patches to the target...the Rika sees the staple holes as shots. So you need to come up with alternative methods of placing the center patch on the bed sheet.
I also found that rain is a bad thing...rain spots on the targets score as shots. Not sure why. but they do.
So in rain, nice weather, no staplers, five shots per center patch and you can use a Rika to score the center patches. When you do all this, you can actually score pretty fast at a match.

: : I haven't come across this one Patrick. In fact I don't think it is possible as that would stop the use of consecutively numbered targets.

: Yes, as Richard mentioned, it usually is smaller, more primative matches (aka anything in Canada. *s*)

: I agree with you on the name and numbering issues. At larger competitions, we use comp. #'s only and the athletes are told not to put their name on them, possibly under threat of penalty. The officials want to reduce possible favoritism or the accusation of it. During appeals, the officials may not even know the comp. # involved. Then again, this is only when the person next to you isn't your scorer.

: A few groups have Rika target scorers for AP/AR, but nothing else. Do you or Spencer know about target scoring devices for 25/50m? I would assume that they would be prohibitively expensive, although still cheaper than electronic targets on every firing point.

: Patrick

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