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Re: AP sighter series question

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Posted by Patrick ( on November 15, 2006 at 20:25:21:

In Reply to: Re: AP sighter series question posted by David Levene on November 15, 2006 at 11:41:31:

Hi David.

I agree with where you're going. Specifically:
The quality and dimensions of all targets will be examined again by the Technical Delegate(s) prior to the beginning of ISSF Championships. Only targets which are the same as the approved samples may be used.
In ISSF Championships only targets with one (1) black aiming area are permitted...

Paper Sighting Targets
Sighting targets must be marked clearly with a black diagonal stripe in the upper right hand corner of the target. The stripe must be clearly visible to the naked eye at the appropriate distance under normal light conditions (except for the 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Target).

These excerpts are from:
Edition 2005 (Second Printing, 09/2005)
Effective 1 January 2005

So, only approved targets are allowed. These approved targets must have the scoring rings visible and meet the discipline specific guidelines. Additionally, for sighting purposes, the target must have a diagonal stripe placed on it. As such, I believe that the competitor would not be allowed to shot on a reverse or blank target during the sighter portion of their match.

I have a question. I recall some discussion that said all targets must be identical. This was an explanation for having competitors write their name and competitor number on the back of paper targets (for regional/provincial matches) as opposed to writing them on the front. Similarly, it could be used to stop a competitor from firing on the reverse of a target during sighters. Is this a real rule? Is it inferred from the intent of another rule? I can't find such, nor can I find a general statement about targets being visually identical.

David: you are a master with the rules. Any thoughts?


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