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Re: thanks tommyg and Kevin for the good info.

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Posted by wrestler ( on October 13, 2006 at 10:43:16:

In Reply to: Re: thanks tommyg Re: Anyone else?, please recommend springer/gas springer for small game hunting, posted by Kevin on October 11, 2006 at 22:10:57:

Understanding now that I cannot bring the gun when I big game hunt; that the primary purpose is to teach safe gun usage and let my kids get comfortable shooting, I am leaning towards the 48. I like the writeups, feel it's powerfull enough and unsure about talking the wife into the $$$ of the others. Still considering the others though and will check the pricing of the HW, Kodiak and Webley.:

Dunno about slings... people attach the front end of the sling to the barrel close to the pivot on a break barrel so maybe you could do the same on underlevers. Weihrauch manufactures most of the Beeman guns. The RX-2 is the same as the HW90, minus the laminated stock. The HW is probably a little less $$$ than the Beeman. The Webley Patriot is also the Beeman Kodiak. Break barrels are very reliable (except on some really cheap guns) Quality break barrel guns won't give you any problems.
: Also try the Canadian Airgun Forum I bet they can help you out with the slings.

: : Thanks for the heads-up tommyg.
: : and another thanks to the cdnshootingsports supporters for this forum, especially the webmaster.

: : Anyone have experience/suggestions on attaching slings to underlevers or would like to suggest any other guns that don't cost too much (Is there a gas spring other than beeman that doesn't cost too much?) I am uneasy with the break barrels since I expect the mechanism will wear/bend and shoot inconsistantly over time. Any other web sites with comparisons/ballistics? Currently considering diana 48, 460 mag, beeman rx-2 and giving some thought to the Webley Patriot - the theobens look nice but seem too expensive.

: : I'll check into the regs more closely, it seemed somewhat commonly done and since you can buy combo guns such as .3006/12gage 410/22 combos I didn't think it was an issue. I thought the main issue in this regards was not to use a small caliber on big game such as a .22 rimfire or other inappropriate rim/centre fire varment rifle. I can't imagine a MNR rep feeling that I would actually give big game lead poisoning with a pellet gun when I have a .308 with me to harvest it. Just don't want to keep comming back to camp empty handed when having partridge available to stew up. but, I won't shoot them with a high powered rifle like some hunters do; it's too dangerous and scares away the main quary.

: : :
: : : B careful....

: : :
: : : The air rifles you are taliking about will require a firearms license to buy, and use...and as such cannot be used my minors without direct adult supervision in Canada. AND the hunting regs usually do not permit a hunter to carry more than 1 firearm at a time while hunting big game ( in Ontario anyway) so you can hunt partridge or moose but not both at the same time with two rifles (drillings and trillings excepted of course).

: : :
: : : : : : I like the idea of the under-lever, but unsure if I can screw a swivel into the forestock to hold a sling. I must attach a sling since I will primarily use it when I come across a partridge while I am moose, deer and bear hunting:
: : : : : : Thus, I then like Diana's side lever the best so far since I figure I can attach a swivel mount to the barrel.

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